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Forest Flower

Forest honey is a mixture of honey dew from species of holm oaks and cork trees. It is obtained in mixed areas of shrub and forest that are located in hills or in coppices in the province mountains. It is harvested at the end of summer. Forest honey is rich in mineral salts. It is recommended against anemia and dysentry. It has a sweet taste with subtle salty and malty notes.


Polyflora Flower

Polyfloral is gathered from blooming of soil in the mountain of the province where not any type of pollen prevails. It is harvested from late spring until the end of the summer. Polyfloral honey has anti-flammortary, digestive and healing properties. Polyfloral honey has a very sweet and floral taste.


Avocado Flower

Avocado honey is obtained from coastal areas where there are plantations of avocados. It is harvested at the end of May. Avocado honey is rich in organic iron, has diuretic properties and is recommended for anemia. Avocado honey comes from the avocado blossom's nectar. It has a dark amber colour and feels smooth and silky on the tongue.


Eucalyptus Flower

Eucalyptus honey is obtained from sandy areas that have been forested with eucalyptus. It is harvested in summer. It is recommended against colds and lung ailments. It has a sweet taste with clear noticeable sour and salty notes.


Rosemary Flower

Rosemary obtained from the high vegetation thickets in sunny areas of the mountains. It is harvested in early Spring. Rosemary honey is indicated for heart burn and stomach ulcers. It is recommended against physical and intellectual extortion. This is a very mild and pleasant herb flower honey, and it has a creamy floral taste.


Chestnut Flower

Chestnut honey is collected from mountain areas where chestnut trees have been planted. It is harvested in summer. Chestnut honey is rich in iron and tannins. It has high content of pollen and a strong taste. It facilitates blood circulation and is recommended for asthmatics. Chestnut honey has a strong aromatic taste and a slightly bitter aftertaste.


Thyme Flower

Thyme honey is obtained from low bushes of dry areas where thyme is predominant. It is harvested in late spring. Thyme honey is indicated for respiratory infections and for regulation of blood pressure. It is recommended as a tonic for physical fatigue. The authentic thyme honey is very delicious and distinctive due to the herbal flavour and its intense aroma.


Orange Flower

Orange honey is obtained from the citric orchards of the Andalucian coast. It is harvested in Spring. Orange is relaxing and it is a sleep aid for children and elderly people. It is recommended as a sedative. Orange honey is gentle and sweet, with orange notes on the finish.


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